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Chapter Two
Res hurried down the street as fast as her legs would take her. Her customers were waiting.  
Shooting the narrow gaps between people she dodged a man carrying a large box and slipped by a pair of old women walking down the street. Seeing the familiar red over hang she breathed a sigh of relief. No one was there yet.
Running through the ally, Res went to and quickly unlocked the back door, hurrying into the kitchen. The counter tops were clean, utensils put in their place, and clean plates stacked neatly on the shelf. Looking around the room with a happy smile on her face, the ten year old girl gave a beaming look of satisfaction. Not just anyone could start a bakery from scratch much less be successful, yet one so young had done it. It was quite the achievement to be proud of. Especially in present surroundings.
The bells above the door chimed as a tall slim man with glasses entered from the front and strode directly up to the counter. He smiled when he saw her, “Morning little
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Chapter One
An amount of time had passed. How you measure it and what you call it is your business. Time didn’t matter to him as he no set schedule, no appointments, no meetings, nothing that would require him to be early or late and as such, keeping time would be pointless.
He noticed that the sky had not changed. It stayed the same brilliant orange color stretching out about halfway before fading into darker and darker black. While it gave the appearance of evening, there was no way of telling for the earlier said reasons.
What he had been curious about was that there was no sun.  It was simply open sky. Emitting light.
Damn light like the damn white light from that damn Room.
Smiling and humming the Tune he continued walking forward over the small rolling hills with ankle high brown grass as a breeze licked over the surface.
He was headed for a single tree which broke the otherwise boring landscape. As he drew near it was plain to see that there was no leaves on the tree but someh
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When one goes insane...
...they should write…
He sat alone.
The room was white. Insanely white.
Some simple people would describe the room as small, having four walls, a ceiling, a floor, and a single door.
He cared for none of what simple people thought only that the room was too white. And it was well lit though he couldn’t see where exactly the light was; in fact it seemed to be coming from everywhere.
So he sat with his head on his crossed arms which rested on his knees. Alone. In silence.
From an observer’s point of view, a young man dressed in blue jeans and a tight fitting black shirt sat peering down at his socks over the rims of his glasses not paying attention to anything around. It seemed he was tall but it was impossible to say as he was sitting closed up. He was quite skinny however but only in the appearance that no excess troubled his skin. His hair was dark brown, short and well kept. An observer would notice all this and think that the young man was average looking.
He care
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The most awesome wall art in Iraq by RTrooper The most awesome wall art in Iraq :iconrtrooper:RTrooper 1 0
Death is final stop...........
...for most people but then again most people are normal.  Most people live boring lives that accumulate into a boring world and have equally boring deaths (some count that a blessing).  However some people are not so boring, in fact they are the ones who change the world whether it be for better or worse. They do things others thought impossible or unimaginable and when they die they usually inspire others as well. There is a group of people smaller than the other two, those who are meant to be world changers meant to do great things, but for some reason, some twist of fate, their life is cut short and they die an insignificant death. Some in car wrecks, others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the souls of the deceased rise and go to whatever plane or afterlife they were meant for, some souls are left having nowhere to go. They go traveling the world growing angry and frustrated from all the pint up energy that they were supposed to release over a lifetime. Energy th
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The Meadow
He was lost.
Wandering deeper and deeper into the woods not knowing which way to go he but stubborn enough to continue on and hope for the best. Which was a bad idea. After several hours he was hot, sweaty, and covered in scratches and leaves. His only saving grace was that he had his backpack with him and a camelback on top of it so he was covered if worst came to worst.  And he was on the road to worst.
He had set out hiking a route through the mountains earlier in the morning after hearing about a quiet little glade, a magic place of the forest. A perfect place to read a book and relax for an afternoon and time he needed to unload after his last couple hard missions. That was the plan anyways, if he could ever find the place.
It was beginning to get to the point where the sun had reached its high point and the day had felt too long already. It was time to turn back and deep down inside he knew it though refused to admit it. His plans were in ruins and the best option was t
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Her face… the smile…perfectly white teeth like something out of a gum commercial. Every day it haunted him. Like a smell that one could never rid them self of no matter how many times they washed…though he hadn't decided yet if it was a nightmare.
He supposed it was his fault, he had been the one who had kicked started the whole thing.
One night…on a couch with a bottle of champagne. A simple little question…simple things are never easy.
At first he took it as just another girl that he liked, another cutie that made him feel whole, not like the loser that he was. Eye candy. It was easy too; she was fun shared similar interests but was still never complicated.
Looking back now he realized who perfect she was…is. That's why he has the Curse.
Remembering her every day, trapped in the world of what if…realizing what love is…
At first he had dismissed the notion. No one around him save his parents had ever seemed to demonstrate true love. As muc
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So I started using this website mainly as a time sink and for inspiration which it equally provided hours of enjoyment for both causes. I later found orignal character projects that opened a whole new area of time and sapce for me: multiple artists/writers participating in each others works all for the greater story. Many were fantastic stories! Alas since I could never draw I had the urge to write something down. That one story became a universe that was too big for me. Later, I tried again with more of a simpler setting and after about 10 chapters and close to a 100 pages I felt like I had really accomplished something. Unfortunately, both projects were not what I wanted to write. I had the original goal from the start but never the actual motivation to do so. Now that life has gotten boring lately, I find my energies drawn back to my old haunts and old dreams. What if I finish the project? A world that I freely wrote out of fun and ideas that I thought would look great on paper. That is the question I ask myself and I hope to begin anew that project that I have longed hope to complete. Little by little piece by piece. I don't ask for followers or fans but if someone likes my broken writing stlye or simply likes the story read on or do me a greater honor and write yourself in. While most stuff isn't, the imagination is.
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